Carl Tatz to Host 'MixRoom Mentor' Webinars

Carl Tatz of Carl Tatz Design will host a new three-episode blog series called MixRoom Mentor that will be helpful for engineers, producers and studio owners. Tatz will be explaining the philosophies and protocols of the acclaimed PhantomFocus System while sharing valuable information and tools that anyone can put to use in their own mix room.

"One of the reasons that I’ve created the MixRoom Mentor series is to share what we've learned after designing so many award-winning PhantomFocus MixRoom studios and installing even more PhantomFocus Systems across the country over the last decade-plus. I realize that not everyone is necessarily financially postured, at least early on, to have us install a PhantomFocus System let alone a full-blown PhantomFocus MixRoom, but there are some simple principles that I can share that are very worthwhile if understood and applied."

In the past, Tatz's approach to acoustics, and monitoring in particular, had often gone against the grain of conventional approaches in the industry, and yet client satisfaction rate continued to bat a thousand. Now manufacturers and audio professionals beginning to nod to some of CTD philosophies and teachings in their product offerings and recommendations. In the Mix Room Mentor Series, you will learn about field-tested and proven techniques and observations that you won’t hear about from anyone else. Client testimonials can be found in the current PhantomFocus Brochure

Summing up, the MixRoom Mentor series episodes will help serious engineers and studio owners by sharing proprietary recommendations right out of the pages of the PhantomFocus protocols playbook that have worked so successfully for so many. And it’s FREE!

The first episode will launch on 3/22 so if you are serious about your monitoring and want to learn about stuff you won't find anywhere else that will show you exactly how you can greatly improve your monitoring, then you definitely won’t want to miss this helpful and informative series.
More information here.