CADAudio Live 3 Microphone Set Freebie (archive) -- 07/03/15

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CADLive D80.82.84 Freebie

The CADLive D80, D82, D84 microphones represent durable, easy-to-place designs each possessing unique sound profiles. Used individually or in tandem, the D80, D82, D84 may be used to create the custom sound for your guitar cabinets and percussion.

The D80 is a Large Diaphragm Moving Coil Dynamic that delivers a reminiscent, yet updated sound profile. The D80 has a tight Super-Cardioiod polar pattern while supplying a hot output—ensuring outstanding performance on even the loudest stages.

The D82 is a Moving Ribbon Dynamic that will give you true ribbon warmth with a bit more sparkle. Its frequency response along with its max SPL make it perfect for delivering your custom tone.

The D84 is a Large Diaphragm Condenser that gives you true studio reproduction in an easy-to-place design, resulting in a rich, transparent, true to life sound. The D84 has an internal shock mount adding to its ease of placement—no need for a big, hard-to-position shock mount.

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CADLive is designed to outperform your expectations and deliver exceptional performance. Engineered to compliment the new generation of exceptional sound systems, the CADLive Series taps their Equitek studio heritage along with our live sound know-how in creating an impactful and easy-to-use line of mics.

Retail value: $497