ILIO and Audio Modeling Announce SWAM String Sections

Leading distributor of virtual instruments and audio processing software ILIO and audio plug-in developer Audio Modeling are thrilled to announce SWAM String Sections, a truly innovative suite of four plug-ins, corresponding to the orchestra sections Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Double Basses, and based on Audio Modeling’s exclusive modeling technology.

Learn more here - ilio.com/swam-string-sections

Pushing Through the Barriers of Sampling

SWAM String Sections are capable of emulating orchestras of various sizes, from small chamber ensembles to large symphonic groups. SWAM technology provides instant access to natural orchestral articulations, and sections can be placed together in a virtual room to achieve authentic, blended acoustics. With real-time control over staccato, legato, expression, and more, it represents a revolution in orchestral arrangement and composition, allowing for seamless transitions between different styles and articulations without disrupting the creative flow.

Learn more here - ilio.com/swam-string-sections