Bopper Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign for Artists

Bopper, the 100% B2B transactional indie music licensing platform, has announced its equity crowdfunding campaign launch which now allows any Canadian to invest in the company and support the development of a more ethical music industry. The company, which has previously received funding from institutional investors, aspires to enable all people who align with their mission to join them as an investor as they change the music licensing industry for the better.

Bopper has launched their funding campaign on FrontFundr, Canada’s leading Equity Crowdfunding platform – allowing companies like Bopper a more equitable, inclusive model for raising capital. FrontFundr campaigns work like crowdfunding: they help startup and growth-stage companies raise funds, with backing from a diverse group of impact investors who believe in their company. However, contributors receive direct equity in the company rather than only receiving early access to a company's product.

Bopper’s mission includes fostering win-win scenarios for artists and brands by joining creativity with social responsibility through making licensing of indie music a breeze for ad agencies, filmmakers, and social media managers. The decision to open the opportunity to invest in Bopper to all Canadians, including to artists and labels it represents, through FrontFundr’s Equity Crowdfunding model which aligns with the company’s values perfectly. By raising capital through Equity Crowdfunding, Bopper enables musicians and their fans to share in the success of the company and change the music licensing industry for the better.

“The decision to allocate part of our latest funding round to a capital crowdfunding initiative is based on our core value: to help artists and members of our business ecosystem benefit even more from Bopper’s growth,” said Bopper CEO Gabriel Bouchard. “We want to expand this opportunity to anyone who aligns with our company values, to reach all the people who want to make the independent music scene thrive.”

FrontFundr is simple and straightforward. The technology provides users across Canada access to invest in innovative, early stage and growth companies in under 12 minutes, starting from as little as $250. To date it has helped more than 60 companies raise over $70 million.

Bopper’s total fundraising goal is set at $2mm, and $250K has been allocated exclusively to this Equity Crowdfunding campaign.

To learn more about how you can become a co-owner in Bopper view their campaign page on FrontFundr campaign page here