Mic To Monitor 2017 in Ball State University

Bob Katz to Deliver Keynote at Prism Sound's Mic To Monitor

Acclaimed audio engineer Bob Katz will deliver the keynote address at Prism Sound’s main 2017 Mic To Monitor event in the U.S.

Taking place on March 28, at Ball State University in Indiana, this particular Mic To Monitor event will feature three separate components: a morning session just for students, a late afternoon session that will be open to everyone and an early evening session where Katz will deliver his keynote speech entitled Food for Thought: Truths Explained and Myths Exposed.

“We are really delighted to have Bob on board for this Mic To Monitor event,” says Prism Sound’s Sales Director Graham Boswell. “He is hugely respected within the professional recording industry and we are thrilled that he is willing to share his knowledge and experience with a new generation of audio engineers."

Prism Sound’s Mic To Monitor seminars aim to dispel myths surrounding the recording process by answering questions such as what makes great gear great, what does it take to become a successful and in-demand audio engineer, how do recording professionals tackle different aspects of their productions and how is a hit sound achieved?

The US 2017 tour is co-sponsored by manufacturers SADiE, GIK Acoustics, Audio-Technica and Unity Audio, all of which will give presentations on recording techniques, audio hardware design and how to get the best from your studio. Everyone attending the U.S. Mic To Monitor dates during March will be automatically entered into a prize draw, which features prizes totalling over $6,000 donated by the participating manufacturers.

As well as the three events at Ball State University, Prism Sound will also hold Mic To Monitor events at Webster University in Missouri on March 25 where the guest speaker will be producer Steve Nye; SAE in Chicago on March 29 where the guest speaker will be audio engineer Danny Leake; the University of Michigan on March 30 where the guest speaker is producer Collin Dupuis and Tri-C in Cleveland on March 31 where the guest speaker is audio engineer Paul Blakemore.

With the exception of the Webster University event, which is part of an AES Central Regional Audio Student Summit, all Mic To Monitor events are free to attend.

For more information, visit prismsound.com.