Beyond Music

Beyond Music Joins International Artists to Write Water Crisis Song

BEYOND MUSIC Volume One/Same Sky is a first-of-its-kind music project that brings together 23 artists from 17 countries who have met and networked through a new online collaborative platform to create a definitive global music album, overseen and produced by Larry Klein.  “Water,” a fan-favorite song that confronts the global water crisis, while reinforcing an album-wide message of unity, was just released as an album single.

Listen to “Water.”

And watch the “Water” teaser video.

“Water" is a timely track that addresses the global water crisis that disproportionately affects women across the globe, as they often have to carry water over extremely long distances with great effort.

Merging the talent of Congolese superstar Sheryl Gambo with the likes of Kazakhstani composer Eduard Glumov (winner of the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville), the USA lyricist Kate Northrop, and Swiss flutist Sandro Friedrich, “Water” also stands as a metaphor for the emotional connection between people, which can bridge cultures and cross borders.

The songs on Same Sky were first created via BEYOND MUSIC’s online platform that invited musicians from all over the world to collaborate virtually and to go beyond their borders. BEYOND MUSIC received 110 song submissions from artists from 48 countries and 55 genres and selected 10 winning songs to be recorded for the first volume of what will be an on-going project. The 23 artists behind the 10 winning songs were flown to the famous Studios La Fabrique in southern France, and over the course of 12 days brought their songs to life with Klein, a house band, and engineers.