Bandzoogle Subscriptions

Bandzoogle Launches Commission-Free Fan Subscriptions

Music website platform Bandzoogle has launched a new Subscriptions feature, so its artists can now offer online fan clubs right on their websites, creating stronger fan communities along with additional income streams. Available to all three tiers of Bandzoogle accounts and 100% commission-free, musicians can determine the monthly cost, invite their fans and then create subscriber-only pages that they can customize with blog feeds, music players, videos, photos, a store, or any of Bandzoogle’s library of components.

“Our goal at Bandzoogle is to develop relevant tools for our members that build direct-to-fan relationships and ultimately help them make money. The Subscriptions feature gives artists a new recurring source of revenue that is a more predictable income stream, while it also rewards superfans and more deeply engages their fanbase,” said Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford. “The majority of the team at Bandzoogle are musicians as well, so we’re tightly focused on the needs of our users and the realities of their lives. We deliver the instruments for them to connect with their fans online. And just like with our direct-to-fan store and crowdfunding features, we're not interested in taking a percentage of the revenue our members earn from subscriptions."

Bandzoogle’s new subscription service is easy to set up—we had new subscribers within hours of launching,” said JONT, a Bandzoogle artist who tested the Subscriptions feature. “It offers the best of all worlds: it enables us to create an online community within our existing website, along with a sustainable way to fund and share musical projects.”

Fan subscriptions are tied to an artist’s Bandzoogle website, eliminating the need to create another profile on a separate platform. Musicians also own and control all data generated from their website and gated membership pages, which automatically match the website’s design and are fully customizable by the artist. To send subscribers an update, musicians can simply create a newsletter using the built-in mailing list application.

This feature is the latest addition to Bandzoogle’s e-commerce choices for musicians. These 100% commission-free options include crowdfunding to finance upcoming projects, online merch, digital and physical music (with daily SoundScan reporting), ticket sales and now subscriptions to strengthen fan-to-band connections on a continuing basis. With all of Bandzoogle’s selling tools, including crowdfunding and subscriptions, fans pay artists directly via Stripe, so the money goes straight into the artist’s account.

For more information about Bandzoogle’s Subscriptions feature, along with a video walkthrough, visit the Bandzoogle blog.