Dave Cool

Bandzoogle Expands Online Video Features, Including Twitch and Crowdcast Integrations

In response to the proliferation of virtual performances and hot on the heels of their recently-launched Tip Jar feature, Bandzoogle has launched new integrated options for videos and live streams that help maximize musician control and revenue.

While the Bandzoogle platform has long provided tools for easy embedding of pre-recorded YouTube and Vimeo videos, live streaming creates new opportunities for real-time fan engagement. Bandzoogle now makes it easy to embed live and pre-recorded video from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitch, and Crowdcast directly to artists’ websites. As always, musicians need no background in web design or programming. Once they provide a link, Bandzoogle’s user-friendly interface takes care of the rest.

Some Bandzoogle members have already delved into the world of live streaming, having sold over $188,600 in commission-free ticket sales from more than 1,300 virtual events since mid-April. The ability to centralize content opens up even more opportunities for fan engagement and direct-to-fan monetization.”

This makes it easier for Bandzoogle members to bring the live stream experience onto their own website,” says Stacey Bedford, Bandzoogle CEO, of the new integration. “Musicians can drive fans to their own websites and collect data, then sell music, merch, and take donations through the Tip Jar feature. It’s a great way to make the most of an opportunity to have a focused audience that’s not distracted by other notifications or ads.”

To help sustain artists during the pandemic, Bandzoogle launched a Tip Jar feature, which has facilitated over $181,600 in commission-free donations from fans to Bandzoogle members since May (with an average tip of $42.12). As a further step, musicians can now integrate video into the Tip Jar, offering a pre-recorded message or a live stream video. Fans can then send tips during a live stream performance.

With these additional options, artists using the popular fan subscription model through Bandzoogle can reward certain levels of subscribers with access to live and pre-recorded video. It’s a setup in which artists can take total control of live experiences with their fans.

Despite many live shows continually on hiatus, artists can rest assured that they will still be able to bring fans safely to their digital doorsteps with live performances. With seamless video integration options, fans can continue to enjoy socially-distanced moments while directly supporting their favorite musicians.