Solar Guitars Releases PYRO Guitar Models

Solar Guitars is expanding its new CHOP SHOP production of guitars finished and assembled at their main facility in Spain. The 2nd release is aptly name “PYRO” since the finish is created by the ancient art of torching hardwood (Shou Sugi Ban) to achieve greater strength and stunning visual effects from the wood grain.

Solar Guitars founder, Ola Englund explains, “We’ve been talking about doing a finish like this for years and now we are all astounded by the amazing results our artisan masters have created. Fire em’ up!”.  The process is extensive; the body and headstock are meticulously burned by hand, then the logo is applied with actual fire heated brand stamp. After the burning phase, the body and headstock are sanded clean and poly sealer coats are applied. Once dry, assembly commences with the roasted maple 3-piece neck fitted with Solar locking tuners, Floyd Rose installation, pickups, electronics wiring and copper shielding, strings strung up and final set-up by our experienced luthiers to be ready for top level professional stage or studio use. MCAS Custom fitted ABS molded TSA flight-ready case is included along with a Certificate of Authenticity hand signed by Ola and the luthier that assembled each guitar.
Features: Swamp Ash Body, Roasted Maple Neck, Stainless Steel Jumbo Frets, Luminlay side markers, Locking Tuners, Floyd Rose 1000, *new* Solar Modern Bridge Pickup, Duncan Solar Dual Rail Neck Pickup, Volume/Tone Push-Pull Series/Parallel pots, 5-way selector, MCAS Molded Hardshell Case, Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Visit www.solar-guitars.com