Nate Najar music album review

Music Album Review: Nate Najar - "This is Nate Najar" (8/10)

Renowned for his distinctive approach of playing acoustic classical guitar with right hand classical technique, jazz vet, Nate Najar, expands his repertoire with a spirited, freewheeling set, surrounding his unamplified guitar with a dream quartet of legendary Duke Ellington bassist John Lamb, U.K. drummer Matt Home and trumpeter James Suggs. Bookending the set with a fresh spin on two ‘70s era Chick Corea classics, this dynamic record is filled with dramatic moments of tension and release as Najar taps into a multitude of eras while exploring his many influences, including classical, bossa nova, samba, swing and blues.

Score: 8 out of 10

This is Nate Najar
Candid Productions
Producer: Najar and Ron Moss