Anja Kotar

DIY Spotlight: Anja Kotar

This 21-year old, self-made Slovenian singer-songwriter brings the essence of European elegance to the music scene. In fact, Anja Kotar has been called “the new pop artist you should be obsessed with”… and for good reason.

Fusing her passions: dance, feminism and fashion, Kotar forges her own path and creates a new musical experience, as evidenced by her recent music video “Poster Child of California.” Kotar co-directed and styled the video along with friend and visual creative, Jani Ugrin. The duo took off on a ten-day road trip across the golden state to capture its varying landscape. “The inspirations behind the video were tableau vivants that encapsulate the idea of moving posters,” said Kotar. “We wanted to represent a variety of strong women so we paired unique outfits and looks with significant locations across California.”

Kotar also bridged the gap between music and fashion for the new generation by founding Too Cool, an online merchandise store to coordinate with the release of her first full-length album, NOMAD.

She released NOMAD as a concept album with a mixtape structure to represent growing up in America. Each piece offered on Too Cool creatively correlates with a unique moment from the album. By creating a multifaceted music experience, Anja Kotar is redefining what it means to be an artist.

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