PledgeMusic, Bandzoogle Agree To Partnership


Bandzoogle, a website platform for bands and musicians, and PledgeMusic, the world's leading online direct-to-fan music community, have announced a mutually beneficial partnership to help artists succeed. Using Bandzoogle's platform, artists and bands can now easily integrate their PledgeMusic direct-to-fan campaign onto any page of their Bandzoogle-powered websites.

You can already see the integration at work on a wide variety of Bandzoogle-powered websites. From metal legends Queensrÿchewww.queensrycheofficial.com to new and inspiring Haitian project Lakou Mizik www.lakoumizik.com to Brooklyn based songwriter, performer and dancer Kristin Andreassen www.kristinandreassen.com/pledge-pre-sale

This opportunity allows artists to deepen their engagement with their fans when they pledge support, making them a part of the music making journey.  Pledgers using the PledgeMusic platform can receive behind-the scenes access to media, photos, videos and more while records are being made, and have the opportunity to access limited-edition items such as signed clothing, instruments and keepsakes as well as once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as a private house concert, guitar lessons from a rock star and a day on the town with their favorite band.

With this new partnership in place, fans can easily support their favorite artists' projects.  The exclusive items and experiences will be displayed on Bandzoogle sites via a grid layout matching the website's theme, and can be featured on a specific page or an existing music and merchandise store.

Artists interested in learning more and signing up for a free 30-day trial of Bandzoogle should visit www.bandzoogle.com

PledgeMusicPledgeMusic President & Founder Benji Rogers commented: "I am a huge fan of the Bandzoogle team and PledgeMusic couldn't be more excited about this partnership. I have been a long time user of their platform as an artist and can see nothing but upside for our artists in this deal between our companies."

Bandzoogle CEO David Dufresne says: "PledgeMusic is one of my favourite platforms in the world of music tech and one tool that every serious artist should aspire to use.  I am thrilled that we can now contribute by letting artists quickly build a strong, professional and affordable website to better leverage their PledgeMusic campaigns."