Bandzoogle Celebrates 20 Years of Powering Websites for Musicians

Website platform Bandzoogle is celebrating 20 years of powering websites and online sales for musicians. The Ottawa-based tech company has released an infographic that highlights some eye-opening data from the last 20 years of connecting musicians and their fans online.

When the website platform launched in November 2003, it had 5 features for musicians to use, including a music player, guestbook, and simple events list. Bandzoogle now offers over 130 features and options, including marketing tools and robust ecommerce features specifically developed with musicians in mind.

Bandzoogle's global membership base, located in 219 countries and territories, have used those built-in ecommerce tools to generate over $114 million in direct-to-fan sales, all commission-free

One of our main goals is to help musicians make more money from their music,” says Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford. “This is why we've never taken a commission from sales, ever,” says Bedford. 

Some other eye-opening data gathered from Bandzoogle’s 20 years of powering websites for musicians includes:

  • 12,606,489 minutes of music, or 23.98 years of music played back to back, has been uploaded to the platform. 
  • Nearly 4 million shows have been listed toBandzoogle’s calendar tool, with 3,756,779 tickets sold, commission-free, directly to fans. 
  • 8,741,946 photos have been uploaded to Bandzoogle, totaling 11.32 Terabytes. 
  • Over 500,000 email newsletter campaigns have been sent by Bandzoogle members to their fans promoting their music.

Acquired by independent music distributor DistroKid in September of this year, Bandzoogle remains a totally remote company, as it has been for its entire 20 year existence. Founded by a musician, 80% of Bandzoogle’s staff are also musicians themselves.

We’re proud of the fact that there’s never been a Bandzoogle office.” says Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford. “Our remote team works in 7 different countries around the world to serve over 60,000 musicians and bands.

This has allowed the award-winning support team to assist with musicians' needs, responding to over 4 million help tickets while helping bands build beautiful, functional websites over the years.