B-52's Pacific Amphitheatre

The B-52's at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, CA

The B-52s took over the Pacific Amphitheatre on Friday, July 31 following Oingo Boingo tribute group, Dead Man's Party. The B-52s are on their 40th-anniversary tour. The band now performs as a trio of vocalists Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson. The B-52s became a quartet when original guitarist, Ricky Wilson passed in 1985. Original drummer, Keith Strickland remains a member although he retired touring almost seven years ago. Their touring band is drummer Sterling Campbell, a member of almost twenty years (1992-2000 and 2007-present), bassist Tracy Wormworth who has been with them for 27 years and their newest members Greg Suran who has been touring with them since 2016 as well as keyboardist Ken Maiuri who joined in 2016.

When it comes to groups that defined the '80s, The B-52s certainly fall in that category. They got their start in college town, Athens GA, in 1976. The band took us to another universe. The opening song was “Private Idaho,” which came after an intro video filled with the group’s archives. For "Give Me Back My Man,” Schneider had his famous upright glockenspiel out and on some songs, Pierson played keyboard and Wilson played percussion. Schneider let the girls take over for three songs “Deadbeat Club,” “52 Girls” and “Roam.” Schneider joined back in on “Party Out of Bounds.” Be sure to watch the video screen closely for “Dance This Mess Around,” as footage from various dance scenes from movies and B-52s music videos play. “Love Shack” came before the encore and the group threw in bits of War’s “Lowrider.” Due to curfew, the group could only play a two-song encore. The show ended with “Rock Lobster” and included a dancing lobster onstage.

The B-52s Setlist

  1. Private Idaho
  2. Mesopotamia

  3. Give Me Back My Man

  4. Lava

  5. Channel Z

  6. Funplex

  7. Deadbeat Club (Without Fred)

  8. 52 Girls (Without Fred)

  9. Roam (Without Fred)

  10. Party Out of Bounds

  11. Cosmic Thing

  12. Dance This Mess Around

  13. Love Shack/Lowrider


  1. Planet Claire

  2. Rock Lobster