Signing Stories: Arch Tha Boss Hooks Up with Publisher


They flew me down to Atlanta, and I liked what I saw, so I decided to go with it. I guess they heard the buzz about "Snapbacks and tattoos." Arch Tha Bozz is talking about the Driicky Graham track he produced, which went gold last year, and how he caught the interest of publishing company Imagem Music. Arch’s contract––his first with a publishing company––is for three years. Each month, he gets a roster of artists needing production work, chooses whatever artists he wants and makes as many beats as he can.

Before Imagem, Arch was a self-made man. He has no musical training or background and admits he can’t play keys. When he talks about first starting out making beats for local artists in his Illinois hometown, he says, “I bought a laptop. That was it.” Through Twitter, the producer forged a relationship with rapper/producer Yung Berg, which offset his career and led him to signing with Yung Fly Movement.

“Work with up-and-coming artists. Find

someone to be your Snoop Dogg or your Dr. Dre.”

Though Imagem has been a huge asset to him just by being able to handle the technical aspects of the business, Arch says a publishing deal isn’t necessarily vital, depending on whether the producer has been able to generate a buzz and get radio play on his/her own. “It just depends on the person and what they have going on.”

Whether a producer is self-made or looking for a publishing deal, Arch says, “Work with up-and-coming artists. Find someone to be your Snoop Dogg or your Dr. Dre. Come up with them, and if they happen to blow, you’ll go right along with them.”

Arch Tha Boss is in Atlanta working on the upcoming release from rap artist Future.

– Jessica Pace