Attend Entertainment Law Seminar

Cutting Edge CE Conferences and Events has announced the 29th installment of its acclaimed Entertainment Law Seminar in-person, hosting established and new entertainment lawyers seeking to acquire Mandatory Continuing Legal Education credits. Others attending: Record Executives, managers, artists, government and nonprofit staff responsible for musicians and entertainment professionals development. The 29th Cutting Edge Entertainment Seminar is August 26 - 28, 2021, at the InterContinental New Orleans Hotel.

Entertainment Law Topics and Descriptions

Professionalism – The Ornery Adversary
What do you do when the attorney on the other side is unprofessional, nasty, or simply impossible? What do you do when you have an adversary who stalls, doesn’t return calls, or delays matters? How do you get the most out of your negotiation? How do you save a deal from going south?

Music publishing catalogs have never been more in demand for purchase than now. Not only are recognized companies looking for catalogs, but now investors and equity funds are purchasing catalogs and arranging for other established music companies to administer their rights. If you are representing a catalog sale, what are the things you need to do to maximize the sale for your client and provide the necessary information to a prospective buyer? How have valuations changed and who are the best people to engage to provide you with an accurate valuation? What statistics and other copyright information do you need to provide to a prospective buyer? What trends are happening in the global market and who are the strongest music publishing companies prepared to meet those challenges? For this and more information, please join us for a lively discussion about the skills required to sell a music publishing catalog in the 2020s!

Trademarks Essentials: Avoiding and resolving disputes. What’s in a name?
How selecting a company name, logos, branding merchandise raise issues of control. Logos v. slogans v. word trademarks: Branded what can and what cannot. Discussion of recent cases on brands, conflicting rights, and the unauthorized use of word trademarks or marketing campaigns.

Litigation: Latest Entertainment Cases

Limited Liability Companies and the Entertainment Industry
Limited Liability Companies use, limited liability set up practices, operational agreements, collaborative agreements, and transfer rights in the entertainment industry. This panel will cover how LLCs are different from other ways of collaboration, such as partnerships. Corporations v. LLCs, which is generally preferred and why.

Navigating Digital Content Deals for Film, Television and MORE
Digital distribution is now an important and customary distribution method for film, television and other digital content. The rise in new digital platforms also presents new business and legal considerations for content providers. This panel will discuss the fundamental legal and business considerations for digital distribution of audio-visual content and what the future holds for this evolving area.

This panel will cover rules of professional conduct and Social Justice areas.

Legal Practice Management: Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Successful Entertainment Law Practice
New Orleans has become a hub for music, film and TV industries, but what does it mean for an attorney and independent music and filmmaking clients. This panel will walk you through maintaining communication with clients, client funds management, and making sure the filmmaker/client engagement letters are correct. Review user-generated content rights and procedures with filmmaker clients. Establishing a disbursement system for staff fees payment. Review intellectual property agreements, tax credit financing incentives, and distribution.

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