Archive: Friday Freebie- Peterson Electro-Musical Products(StroboClip HD Tuner)


Four Entrants Will Win a StroboClip HD Tuner in This Week’s Friday Freebie!


Four lucky winners will each take home the latest innovation from Peterson Strobe Tuners––the StroboClip HD(tm) (SC-HD)––a powerful, upgraded version of its revolutionary StroboClip(tm) clip-on tuner, released in 2009. The StroboClip HD features an ultra high-definition, real-time tuning display that sports nearly twice the pixel resolution of its predecessor. The SC-HD features the same .01 cent (1/1000th of a semitone or fret) tuning accuracy and comes complete with alternate temperaments for a vast array of string, brass, and wind instruments. Over 50 exclusive, preset Sweetened Tunings(tm) are onboard to help correct inherent tuning issues exhibited by many instruments.

Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. is a Chicago-based, family-owned company that has been manufacturing electronic tuners since 1948. Most commonly recognized for their mechanical strobe tuning products, Peterson also offers a full line of digital hardware tuners using their patented Virtual Strobe(tm) Technology and tactile metronome products with their BodyBeat line. Desktop tuning software, mobile tuning apps, and metronome apps are also developed and supported. Peterson is dedicated to developing multi-format professional grade equipment for musicians that offers excellence through innovation.

petersontuners.com  stroboclip.com

Retail Value: $79.99