Album Review: Scarface - "Deeply Rooted" (9/10)

One of the most revered emcees in hip-hop 
is the original King of the South, Houston’s
 own Scarface. Face only constructs and 
releases records that are grounded, and 
like the extractions under a Redwood, 
Scarface is deeply rooted. On this album,
 Face is speaking much more from a mature 
perspective and talking less from a street hustler’s point of view. Highlights include “God,” “Hot Seat” and “All Bad,” a song which depicts the challenges of being in church while his clientele is on the outside waiting to be served crack. Bolstered by piano loops and heavy drums, Deeply Rooted is serious and vital for today’s times.

Score: 9 out of 10

Deeply Rooted
Facemob Music/BMG Rights Management
Producers: Various