Album Review: "Ghost of Vroom 1" by Ghost of Vroom (9/10)

Mod Y Vi Records

Producers: Mike Doughty and Mario Caldato Jr.

From Soul Coughing founder Mike Doughty and longtime collaborator Andrew “Scrap” Livingston comes this uninhibited, built-for-pleasure act we didn’t know we needed. Oddly, this “debut” is actually a followup to Ghost of Vroom 2, the duo’s EP that was released last summer. In any case, the offbeat pair breathes new life into hip-hop’s stale wasteland, filling the air with exuberant bounce, surrealistic counterpoints and smile-inducing rhymes. Their arrival feels particularly welcome in the wake of Daft Punk calling it quits. Too bad the album only clocks in at 35 minutes.