Rocky Kramer

Album Review: Firestorm by Rocky Kramer (7/10)

"Kramer and crew are solid players, and it shows."

Norwegian singer-songwriter/guitarist Rocky Kramer knows how to blend rock & rock flash with intricate symphonic arrangements. this auto-biographical album is a thinly veiled throwback to '80s shred metal and well-choreographed power ballads.

"Rockstar" and "Alcohol" check all the boxes and hit all the prog metal marks. Singles like "Can You Feel It" and "I Wanna Know" are a little mellower and balance acoustic passages with great vocals and rich harmonies. Catchy hooks and shades of Malmsteen/Blackmore are present. Perhaps a tad cliche at times, but overall, Kramer and crew are solid players, and it shows.

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Rating: 7/10

Allied.Artists Music Group

Producers: Kim Richards.