Album Review: Eyes Set To Kill- Masks


Eyes Set to Kill • Masks • Century Media Records • Producer: Steve Evetts • Score: 7 out of 10

With a plethora of line up changes over the past years, Eyes Set To Kill have now returned to the scene, hoping to branch into another genre completely. With Masks, their fifth full-length album (and first with Century Media), the Rodriguez sisters and company have taken off their "emo metal-core masks" and given the band's sound facelift of straight hard rock/metal (though lyrics haven't changed)--more suited for the mainstream. "True Colors" showcases the group's appreciation of thrash while the album's single,"infected" could easily pair with a Rob Zombie or Manson tune. With fiery riffs, tougher screams and more accessible choruses, Masks may turn off long-time fans, but will surely attract new followers on the circuit.

-Andy Mesecher