The Game

Album Review: Born 2 Rap by The Game (8/10)

"Game gets more personal on B2R than on any of his other official releases..."

Born 2 Rap is The Game’s 9th and final studio album. Game gets more personal on B2R than on any of his other official releases as he reflects on his roller-coaster ride of a life. With features from music heavy hitter’s like Ed Sheeran, Miguel, Travis Barker, Nipsey Hussle (RIP), Chris Brown and Anderson .Paak, among others, B2R is solid but should have been a bit shortened to avoid monotony. “Gold Daytonas,” “Westside,” “Stainless,” “Welcome Home,” plus a few other tracks are enough to keep fans of The Game busy for this winter season.

Listen to Born 2 Rap here:

Rating: 8/10

Prolific/5th Amendment/eOne

Producers: Various