Andrew Distel

Album Review: Andrew Distel - It Only Takes Time (8/10)

A mainstay on the Chicago jazz scene, trumpeter and vocalist Andrew Distel is one of those indie regional treasures whose multitude of powerhouse talents demands a wider audience. Though he swings and scats with joyful abandon, and surprises by sing- ing Ivan Lins’ exquisite “Amor” in its original Portuguese, the singer is at his most expressive when he’s tapping into the deeper emotional graces of the beautifully arranged ballads. Ensembling with top-flight jazz players like pianist Peter Martin and guitarist Dave Onderdonk, Distel’s eclectic set-list includes fresh outside choices and two originals which feature some of his coolest vocal swagger.

Rating: 8/10

Released by: JeruJazz
Producer: Bob Bowker and Brian Schwab