Album Review: "A Beautiful Blur" by LANY (8/10)


Producer: LANY

When LANY released “Cowboy in LA” on their third LP, Mama’s Boy, it resounded like a fitting blend of Nashville Indie music meets dream pop. Two full-length albums later, the Indie-pop trio is back with a follow-up effort called A Beautiful Blur. The track “It Even Rains In LA” kind of feels like a sequel to “Cowboy In LA,” or better yet, a harsh reality check for a hopeless romantic where love and genuine friendships don’t come as easily as they normally would in a small town far away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Elsewhere in the track list, Paul Klein shows off his head voice and falsetto in "Out of My League," a love song where fixation intertwines with adornment and envy. Overall, I Really Really Hope So is a solid indie pop project that hits like the memoir of an L.A. transplant navigating bachelorhood in one of the toughest American cities to find true love while holding on to his Southern roots. – Miguel Costa