New Toys: SSL B-Series Dynamics 500 Module

The SSL 4000 B was one of the first consoles ever manufactured by Solid State Logic to offer its 611B Dynamics module on every channel strip. This module offered a certain sonic "personality" and saturated compression style. The "look" of 24 to 100 channel strips with flashing green LEDs showing gates opening and closing and also red/yellow gain reduction LEDs is a fond memory of mine when I mixed music on those consoles.

The SSL B-Dyn is the single-channel 611B module from the SSL 4000B console that has been modified for use in a 500 series rack. It uses a VCA "feedback" design with a peak detector in the sidechain with an "over-easy" compression sound. The only new change is a switchable, very smooth 6dB/Oct 165Hz high-pass side-chain filter. Two adjacent modules will link together for stereo operation to prevent stereo image shifting when using a pair for any stereo instrument or the mix bus as I do all the time.

There are two LED stacks that provide complete monitoring of the Compressor/Limiter, De-Esser, and Gate/Expander functions of the B-Dyn module. Any of these functions can be used separately or in any combination.

The new SSL B-Dyn Dynamics 500 Module provides solid, reliable operation and is my first "go-to" utility compressor for its natural sound with strict control possible, if required. It sounds like no other hardware or software dynamics controller. It sells for $699 MSRP.