Album Review: Nightmare and the Cat - Simple

Nightmare and the Cat’s debut full-length 
Simple is a delicious romp through an indie-
rock wonderland. Intertwined with the slight
taste of pop catchiness is a hint of danger 
in some of the darker lyrics, which creates a
delightful amalgamation of sound. There are
several standout tracks, ranging from the
ritualistic sounding “Traditions,” to the moody “X’s On Your Eyes,” to the upbeat “Mae” that—when combined with tracks pulled from their previous two EPs—take listeners on a ride through the band’s growth. It isn’t just a great introduction to the quintet, but also a glimpse at just how far they’re going to go.
– Victoria Patneaude

Nightmare and the Cat • Simple • Capitol Records • Producer: Eric Valentine • Score: 8 out of 10