Aguilar Releases Limited-Edition Amplifiers and Custom Color Cabinets

Aguilar Amplification, a premier manufacturer of bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets and accessories, is thrilled to announce the release of limited-edition amplifiers and custom-color SL cabinets. These limited offerings are meticulously crafted to offer both an unparalleled sonic experience and a visually striking aesthetic. Bassists can now choose from a palette of standout colors, ensuring their setup looks as good as it sounds. SL Series cabinets (SL112, SL210, SL115 and SL410x) are available now in Winter White, Tuxedo Black, Blue Bronco and Racing Green. Tone Hammer 500- and 700-watt amplifiers are available in Winter White, Blue Bronco, Racing Green and Glory Gold.

The AG700 700-watt amplifier is available in Blue Bronco and the exclusive Firehouse Red. With Aguilar's custom colors, players can express their unique style and steal the show, whether on stage or in the studio.

The new line of cabinets not only delivers Aguilar's renowned sound quality but also offers a personalized touch that sets musicians apart from the crowd. Jordan Cortese, Brand Manager of Aguilar Amplification, comments, “We are beyond excited to introduce these limited-edition amplifiers and custom-color SL cabinets. Our custom-color runs have always been an exciting offering to the bass community. This year we’re excited to offer even more with the introduction of matching heads, which perfectly completes the look.” 

For more information on Aguilar’s limited-edition amplifiers and custom-color SL cabinets, or to find a dealer near you, please visit www.aguilaramp.com.