AES Virtual Vienna Held An Online Awards Ceremony

This year’s AES Spring Convention – AES’s first ever all-online international convention, AES Virtual Vienna – carried on many of the traditions of AES Conventions, including the presentation of AES Awards for distinguished achievement in the field of audio and service to the Society. The awards were presented during the Opening Ceremony by David Scheirman, an AES Past President and current Awards Committee Chair, along with remarks from AES Virtual Vienna Co-chairs Piotr Majdak and Nadja Wallaszkovits and AES President Agnieszka Roginska. The AES Virtual Vienna Opening Ceremony, along with the complete Convention Technical Program, is currently available online at AESEurope.com.

The awards presented include the following:

The Board of Governors Award, given for outstanding contributions to the Audio Engineering Society, has been presented to:

Enda Bates, in recognition of co-chairing the 146th AES Convention in Dublin

Peter Chapman, in recognition of co-chairing the 2017 International AES Conference on Sound Reinforcement

Ben Kok, in recognition of co-chairing the 146th AES Convention in Dublin

Damian Murphy, in recognition of co-chairing the 2019 AES International Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio

Maryam Safi, in recognition of exceptional leadership of the AES Student Delegate Assembly from 2017-2019

Bob Schulein (posthumously), in recognition of co-chairing the 2018 International AES Conference on Hearing Disorders

The Fellowship Award, given to a member who has rendered conspicuous service, or is recognized to have made a valuable contribution to the advancement in or dissemination of knowledge of audio engineering or in the promotion of its application in practice, has been presented to:

Filippo Maria Fazi, for significant contributions to acoustics and sound field reproduction

Heather Lane, in recognition of over 40 years of service to the AES, including 33 years as Administrator of the British Section

Ingemar Ohlsson, for a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the development of the Swedish audio industry

Al Schmitt, in recognition of his extraordinary career of musical creation, influencing generations of recording engineers and making a lasting musical imprint on the world

The complete AES Virtual Vienna Technical Program of presentations, including Workshops, Research Papers, Posters, Engineering Briefs, Technical Tours and more, are available online through June 30 at AESEurope.com, with registration still open for those who wish to experience AES Virtual Vienna on their own schedule through the on-demand archive.