The MLC Seeking Suggestions for Songwriter Candidates for Board of Directors and Advisory Committees

The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC) is accepting suggestions of songwriter candidates for its Board of Directors, Dispute Resolution Committee and Unclaimed Royalties Oversight Committee. Under the Music Modernization Act (MMA), certain governance positions at The MLC are reserved for representatives of songwriters. The terms of several songwriter seats on the Board and the organization’s advisory committees are slated to end later this year.  

These include the following seats: 

-One (1) songwriter seat on the Board of Directors;

-One (1) songwriter seat on the Dispute Resolution Committee, which recommends policies and procedures to The MLC’s Board for the processing of royalties related to works that are subject to disputes over ownership; and

-Two (2) songwriter seats on the Unclaimed Royalties Oversight Committee, which recommends policies and procedures to The MLC’s Board related to the distribution of unclaimed accrued royalties.

The MLC will submit all recommendations it receives to the Board’s Songwriter Nominating Committee for consideration. Board and committee members sit for three-year terms and may be re-elected. Seats are filled pursuant to The MLC’s Bylaws

The MLC’s Board of Directors and committees meet regularly, and all meetings allow for virtual participation such that travel is not generally required. Members are expected to devote sufficient time to prepare for and participate fully in all meetings. Candidates for the Board of Directors must be professional songwriters who retain and license mechanical rights for songs they have written. More information on The MLC’s Board of Directors and advisory committees can be found here

Suggestions should be made no later than July 11, 2024. To suggest a candidate for a songwriter representative seat to The MLC’s Board or advisory committees, please complete the suggestion form available here.