CD Baby Celebrates 300 Episodes of the DIY Musician Podcast

CD Baby published its 300th episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, “The Indie Revolution Continues!” hosted by Chris Robley and Kevin Breuner. Now in its 15th year, the podcast totals over 4 million downloads.

Breuner says it was a number his team never imagined possible to reach. What Kevin set out to achieve isn’t quantifiable by metrics. At its start in 2007, Kevin says, “I was the ex-major label artist who turned into an indie advocate; I just wanted every artist to feel empowered to pursue a music career on their own terms.”

Today, the podcast is regarded as, “an excellent resource for any musician,” “an essential music industry podcast,” and “one of the most informative podcasts for musicians.” One listener, who decided to listen through the entire history archive of the podcast, thought it was a fascinating trip through several music revolutions.

Indie artists have gone from outsiders to power players in the music biz, and it is through leaders like Kevin who have witnessed and helped inspire that transformation. Kevin is interested in expanding this narrative to reflect on the growth and change of the indie community.