Acoustik Attak Partners with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

Acoustik Attak announced a partnership with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, maker of the innovative Attak and Ambush guitar picks. Sweet Relief agreed to the partnership after vetting the new invention with its guitar and bass-playing supporters.

The arrangement provides a discount code for 25% off retail on the new picks. Even better, 25% of the sale goes straight to Sweet Relief to support its mission to give financial assistance to artists and music industry workers struggling to make ends meet, including those affected by COVID-19.

Sweet Relief, founded by singer-songwriter Victoria Williams in 1993, counts hundreds of iconic artists and musicians among its supporters. Some of the most important live music promoters, instrument makers and stores support the 501 c3 charity as well. All of whom have come together to help support thousands of artists and music industry professionals since inception.

“We’re excited to partner with Acoustik Attak, these guys are true music lovers and they’ve created something very special with their genius guitar picks,” said Aric Steinberg, EVP of Artist Relations & Development. “We’re grateful to be included in this campaign to help even more artists and music industry professionals who are in desperate financial need due to illness, injury or COVID-19 related job loss."

Acoustik Attak’s slogan is “Sound Meets Science” and its guitar and bass picks feature patent-pending sets of ridges, bumps and diamonds on the tips which create multiple strikes in rapid succession on the strings, enhance harmonics, and add much more depth to your sound. The company was founded by two musicians and entrepreneurs, Michael DePietro and Mark Labbe, who studied the history of picks and their patents, and worked through hundreds of 3D printed prototypes before finding the right configurations and materials. The test team of professional guitarists and producers included Brian Goss, Keith Dover, Ed Grossman and Grammy award-winning sound engineer Jason Mariani, who said, “Attak Piks actually brighten the sound of a guitar or bass without having to go through an equalizer. It's such a cool and straight-forward design that it's surprising no one thought of it before.” The team all agreed that beyond creating a simple add-on effect, the multiple strikes on the strings gave a new sonic dimension to their actual playing.

“The Acoustik Attak test team has worked with everyone from Mumford & Sons to Guns N’ Roses. They went into the lab to shred,” said Michael DePietro, co-inventor and CEO of Acoustik Attak. “When our picks impressed them, we knew we’d made the first real change in picks in 100 years. Now with Sweet Relief we’re making this even more meaningful, by helping people in the music industry hit hard by these times.”

Learn more about the partnership between Sweet Relief and Acoustik Attak here.