Wind-up, Feenixpawl Launch Eclypse Records

Eclypse RecordsWind-up Records has announced the launch of its electronic music label, Eclypse Records. The imprint label is a joint venture formed in conjunction with Feenixpawl, an Australian DJ/producer duo comprising Aden Forte and Josh Soon, and will additionally be co-owned with Forte's brother, Jason.

“We're excited about the artist Feenixpawl, and we're equally excited that we can do something together creatively that's on another level. It's more than just a relationship between us and a very talented artist—it’s the opportunity to—with their input—get deeper into the electronic music space,” said Alan Galbraith, General Manager, Wind-up Records.

The independently owned Wind-up Records, who has been a staple in the alternative and rock world for the past two decades, has become an influential name in the industry today. With its current roster boasting artists such as Strange Talk, the Griswolds and alterna-pop artist, Genevieve, the transition to electronic music was a natural one.

"Wind-up has been wanting to get into the electronic music space, so once we started the conversation with Feenixpawl, it just seemed like a natural fit,” said Wind-up Records Head of A&R Shawn Cohen. "They brought more to the table than just themselves as musicians and writers and performers—they brought with them a strategy."

"It has been a dream of ours since this musical journey began, to start our own record label," said Aden and Josh of Feenixpawl. "This is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to dance music and we’re truly privileged to bring this new venture to dance music fans."

For more information, visit winduprecords.com.