Beats and Bytes

Novation Announces Facebook Livestream Videos "Beats and Bytes"

Novation has announced a series of Facebook Livestream videos called Beats and Bytes. In this series, you can watch in-depth product demos with tips and tricks, hear the latest sound packs and ask questions. Each month Novation will be talking about their creative instruments, including eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer Peak, 64-pad Ableton® grid controller Launchpad Pro, and the Circuit sequencer, synth and sampler.

In the first episode, they will be showcasing the Circuit Mono Station. Tune into the Novation Facebook Page on Nov. 30 to learn more about the Circuit Mono Station, and have your questions answered live.


Circuit Mono Station:

30 November 2017 – 4pm PST

A paraphonic analogue synthesiser with three sequencer tracks. Learn how to get started, hear how it sounds and learn about Circuit Mono Station's unique features.

Launchpad Pro:

14 December 2017 – 4pm PST

A professional grid performance controller for creating music and light shows in Ableton® Live™. Learn how to get it up and running with Ableton® Live™, and how to build a workflow for the studio or the stage.


18 January 2018 – 4pm PST

An eight-voice desktop polyphonic synthesiser with three New Oxford Oscillators for each voice. Tune in to hear the sounds and get a crash course in how to program your own sounds with features unique to Peak.


15 February 2018 – 4pm PST

The essential USB MIDI keyboard controller for Ableton® Live™. Learn how to get connected to Ableton® Live™ and Logic Pro® X, and learn how Launchkey can help you work smarter and faster.


15 March 2018 – 4pm PST

A standalone groovebox with two Nova heritage synths and a four-part drum machine. Learn how to get started with a simple groove, and follow along as we show you features from the latest firmware updates.

Bass Station II:

19 April 2018 – 4pm PST

Powerful two-oscillator analogue monosynth with dual-mode filters, modulation, effects, step sequencing and more. You will be introduced to the sound of Bass Station II and learn how to build your own patch, including how to write in your own sequence.


17 May 2018 – 4pm PST

An advanced, configurable and controllable synthesiser designed for the creation of unique, edgy new sounds. Tune in to listen to the sounds of UltraNova, and learn how to build your own sound from scratch.

Launch Control XL:

21 June 2018 – 4pm PST

A mixer, effect and instrument controller for Ableton® Live™. We will show you how to get connected to Ableton® Live™, and also how to use Launch Control XL with your MIDI controlled hardware.