Win this Schecter Guitar Recording Bundle from Focusrite

Focusrite, Novation, ADAM Audio, Schecter Guitar Research, Ehrlund Microphones, Joey Sturgis Tones, Dunlop, and MXR are giving you the chance to win an electric guitar recording bundle including:

1x Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen

1x Novation Circuit

1x Schecter PT Apocalypse Red Reign 1292 Guitar

1-pair ADAM Audio T7V Monitors

1x Ehrlund EHR-M Studio Microphone

1x Joey Sturgis Tones - Producer Bundle II




2x TRS to XLR Cables 6-foot

Focusrite's Scarlett 8i6 is the compact studio solution you’ve been looking for. It allows you to keep all your hardware plugged in and ready to go: set up mics, guitars and synths to start creating as soon as inspiration strikes. With improved A-D and D-A conversion, your recordings and playback will sound clear and pronounced up to 24-bit/192kHz and two independent high-fidelity headphone outputs with dedicated volume control enable flexible monitoring during recording and mixing.

Circuit is designed to inspire. Two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine, combined with an intuitive grid-based sequencer in a standalone box that will have you making electronic music in minutes. Hit some pads, tweak the knobs and your track will start to emerge, all locked in time and key. Play around with effects, patterns and sounds in real time, to produce your track, brimming with fat grooves and beats.

The wide frequency response, high dynamic range, excellent transient response, wide sweet spot and small footprints make ADAM Audio's T7V perfectly suited for use in small control rooms for music production, video post-production and broadcast production – a great fit for the modest budgets that many facilities need to work with.

Ehrlund Microphone's EHR-M is a Swedish manufactured condenser microphone for studio use and designed to deliver the cleanest sound possible. Its patented triangular membrane design has been allied to a patented very low noise and low power phantom feed amplifier. The EHR-M has both broad and smooth pickup characteristics, with deep bass and extended treble. This microphone has impressive stats in self-induced noise, sensitivity and frequency range. The output signal is strong and usually does not need much amplification.

Producer Bundle II from Joey Sturgis Tones includes 7 powerful audio tools for simplifying creation. You’ll be ready to produce your own professional sounding tracks with Gain Reduction Deluxe, JST Clip, Pixelator, Sub Destroyer, SideWidener, Tranisfy, and Toneforge – Menace.

The MXR Reverb delivers six distinct exquisitely crafted reverb styles, a hi-fi analog dry path with a massive 20 volts of headroom, and numerous other features to tailor your reverb sound.

SYSTEM 65™ Guitar String Change Kit has everything a guitar player needs for a quick and easy string change: a String Cutter, a Stringwinder, a Multi-Tool for tweaks, and a Superlube® Gel Pen to help stay in tune.

MXR instrument cables are designed by musicians for musicians with tone and durability in mind.

This contest ends September 8, sign up today here