Signing Story: Evann McIntosh

Date Signed: April 29, 2020

Label: Mom+Pop Music

Type of Music: R&B/Soul

Management: Kevin Lazaroff, Modern Invasion, [email protected]

Booking: Katherine Friedland, Mom+Pop Music, Katherine@ MomandPopMusic.com

Legal: Neil C. Shulman, Ploegsma & Schulman LLP, [email protected]

Agent: Jbeau Lewis, UTA, [email protected]

Publicity: Lisa Gottheil and Nick Javier, Grandstand Media, LisaG@ GrandstandHQ.com, [email protected]

Web: EvannMcIntosh.com

A&R: Suzanna Slavin, Mom+Pop Music, Suzanna@MomandPop Music.com

It’s awfully rare for a label to sign a musician at the tender age of 16 and give her the keys to the car to boot. Such is the case with Kansas-based McIntosh, who recently tells us that Mom+Pop not only inked her to a record deal but “let [me] be in charge of the whole boat.” The gamble by the indie label wasn’t actually as risky as it sounds. Before the signing, McIntosh had already drawn 15 million streams of her self-released debut, Mojo; and notched 50 million views and 1.5 million likes on TikTok.

“TikTok was a huge boost,” McIntosh recently told Music Connection. “I was just starting with TikTok after my album dropped, but all of a sudden the video for it took off and I got maybe 30,000 streams for the song on Spotify.”

That was the turning point for McIntosh, who had quietly been releasing heartfelt R&B tunes performed on acoustic guitar a few years earlier on YouTube and Soundcloud.

It’s hard to overstate the impact TikTok has had on McIntosh’s budding career. The A&R department at New York-based indie label Mom+Pop Music caught wind of the youngster’s video clips on the social-networking service.

“Mom+Pop reached out to me,” she recalls, adding that other labels had started taking notice of her as well. “They were going to fly out to Kansas, but this quarantine thing happened, so I signed with them after two Zoom meetings.”

That fateful day happened April 1, and since then, McIntosh has focused on the gospel she wants to spread to her ever-burgeoning masses.

“I want to have a positive influence at a time when all the energy in the world seems very negative,” she confessed. “Love needs to be normalized. I talk about LGBTQ+ rights. I am allied with the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve moved backward in last 10 years and need to move forward.”