Watch: Nahre Sol blends beatmaking with classical using Circuit Rhythm

Nahre Sol, at this point, can fairly be called a YouTube sensation. Since launching her channel in 2017, her signature blend of piano performances, music-theory explainers, challenges, vlogs and short documentaries have garnered nearly three-quarters of a million subscribers. She’s also an accomplished artist in her own right, having performed around the world, composed for film and video games, and released her own debut album, Alice in Wonderland in 2020.

Nahre likens this career balancing act to attempting to keep two instruments in tune with one another. “Both require practice and attention to detail,” she explains. “But together, they create a harmonious output that enriches both my creative output and my audience's experience.”

Despite a traditional musical education that includes degrees from Juilliard and The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Nahre is not known for staying in her comfort zone; she frequently turns her classically trained hand to unfamiliar genres, tools, and techniques in her videos. So when looking for ways to take our Circuit Rhythm drum machine out of its natural beat-making habitat, we could think of no-one better suited to the task.

Novation hooked Nahre up with a Circuit Rhythm of her own, and challenged her to spend a month getting to know it and seeing what kind of music would result from the process. Watch the video below to see what she makes of her new hardware, find out how she gets to grips with sampling for the first time, and learn how she puts her own distinctive spin on the art form.

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