Warner Music Group is looking for a temporary Coordinator for the Global Catalog

The new coordinator has the opportunity to work alongside and learn from the strategists, marketers, and A&R directors responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed releases in recent years from beloved artists including Joni Mitchell, The Doors, Busta Rhymes, CSNY, Fleetwood Mac, The Replacements, Aretha Franklin, and more. This person will be part of a dynamic team re-imagining what it means to develop and market catalog albums in a streaming world, crafting releases that will introduce timeless hits and forgotten gems to new generations of fans, and help protect and grow the legacies of iconic artists for the foreseeable future. “This position is a great platform for someone looking to get into the music industry to learn the foundational skills at the intersection of art and commerce, and to use those skills to grow inside the company.” Apply at LinkedIn.