PIERA - "Unraveling"

PIERA is the name of the dark electronic - synth-pop duo formed by singer/songwriter/producer, Piera Klein and songwriter/producer Micah Plissner. The newly released video for Unraveling sees the LA-based duo confront the dark emotional landscape of a broken relationship seemingly without hope of redemption.

In the times of COVID-19, Unraveling is nothing if not relatable. With an instantly catchy song built upon classic synth-pop and new wave sounds such as Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, and New Order; and a video inspired by visual artists such as James Turrell and Zaha Hadid, PIERA looked to connect the neo-futuristic production with the song’s themes of loneliness and emotional isolation. Utilizing a minimalist aesthetic, unburdened by flashy set designs and props, the video feels both modern and timeless – devoid of elements other than light, hardware, clothing, and humans. The stark-yet-entrancing video is enhanced by the song’s intricate production - icy synthesizers feel right at home (and sound amazing) in this cold, spaced-out landscape.