Video of the Week: There's No Bullying $not

New York-born, Florida-raised rapper $not has released new single "Bully," with an accompanying video, and the artist is no mood to be messed with.

Perched on the hood of his Beamer as the visual kicks in, he quickly informs a love-rival in no uncertain terms that his good lady won't be stolen by anyone. Should they try, fists will be raised.

"I can hear the cops coming," he raps, apparently aware that his plans for beef have been scuppered.

For much of the video, $not is alone at night with his leather hood up. The mood is set, with $not looking like a hip-hop Batman.

"Never compromising or conceding to trends, $NOT has become a rap star on his own terms," reads the press release. "Stepping out from the shadows to instill fear in the hearts of the weak-willed, $NOT shares his new single 'BULLY.' Produced by LVCIEN and SG.1, 'BULLY' mixes aquatic electric piano with ethereal, high-pitched synths and subsonic 808s, creating a suitable sonic bed for $NOT's deadpan smack talk. The rapper sends warning shots at anyone stepping to him, as he elucidates his individualistic life philosophy: 'And I do what I do cause I know that these n****s not gonna do nothing for me bro/And this life that I live and the way that I move, better get out my way cause it's cold.' In the video, $NOT rides around in his Cybertruck with his girl, fending off rivals for her affections with his squad of hooded associates."

$not's "Bully" is out now.