New Music Critique: Building Upon the Revelation


Building Upon The Revelation
Contact: [email protected]

Web: linktr.ee/buildingupontherevelation.com

Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Progressive Instrumental

Music supervisors in need of recordings that can generate a kinetic, frenetic virtuosity will want to check out these multi-layered, high velocity themes, including “Patterns and Pathways.” It describes a world that moves at a breakneck pace; the music is so speedy, in fact, that it seems on the verge of imploding in a giant pileup of double bass-drum blasts. But the precise, expert musicianship maintains order. In fact, it’s impressive how well mixed these elements are so that the lead guitar parts always remain above the fray. The composer could look to to integrate more dynamics in his work, but what he’s got now is all-out exhilarating stuff.