Utab for Artists help create videos

Utab for Artists Helps Musicians Generate Videos to Grow Online

Utab for Artists is a set of proprietary technologies that creates cost-effective, sleek videos. These videos bring together visual representations of the chords, fingering and lyrics, perfectly synched to the track. It’s a richer version of chord diagrams, in motion. These digital presence utilities aim to expand artists’ options in a fast and cost-effective way, and are designed to turn listeners from passive fans to active music makers.

The process takes minutes. Artists who hold the rights to a track can upload a .wav or mp3 to the Utab site, followed by the lyrics. A day or two later, the video arrives in the artist’s inbox. It can then be uploaded as the artist wishes, or streamed.

Utab for Artists presents itself as an opportunity for musicians to catch a segment of Active Music Lovers—those who are engaged with music and would like to learn, practice or just play along with their favorite songs.

Utab sprang from a team of musicians who were also tech savvy, based in Tel Aviv. Using machine-learning techniques, they created two separate technologies, one that could extract chords from any track, and one that could generate videos programmatically. The combination of both created a new tool for artists to engage fans in a more dynamic way, via play-along videos that are easy to follow and fun to use.

“Our main insight was that many musicians in the indie world find it truly challenging to maintain a robust digital presence,” explains Utab CEO Ofer Oved. “These videos help make that less of a challenge, in a very economic way. We are an extra layer for musicians, to enhance their digital assets and may cooperate with platforms and companies that aim to help musicians with their business and marketing.”

For more information on Utab for Artists, visit utab.com.