Up Close: Gravity Studios

Gravity Studios 


Chicago’s busiest small studio was opened in August 1993 by Producer/Engineer Doug McBride: McBride is currently focused on mixing and mastering in the facility’s purpose-built mastering studio, which doubles as a production suite and small recording studio. With a staff of six, the tight-knit club of engineers often work on the same projects, bringing different perspectives and ensuring quality control. One of Gravity’s signature calling cards has been having different classic Neve consoles at different times, starting with the 8058 model, built in 1976. The facility’s current model is the 5315 (also from 1976) and is flanked by a refurbished RCA tube console from the 1950’s and racks of top-of-the-line analog gear.

Evolving Clientele: Gravity Studios’ early work with future superstar bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Veruca Salt led to years of success with major label artists, including Fall Out Boy, Rise Against, NNAMDÏ, Alabama Shakes, Rachel Yamagata, Plain White T’s, Goo Goo Dolls and Chicago legend Mavis Staples. Over the past 10 years, however, Gravity has increased  focus on local artists and small Chicago-based indie labels, while McBride also mixes and masters projects for artists from all over the country. “We believe the reason artists and bands come to us is that we really care,” says McBride. “We take a hands-on approach to help them identify what they do that’s special, whether it's their music, vocals, or arrangements. In trying to bring out their uniqueness, we also help them work through their frailties, rough edges to take their sound to the next level.”    

Genres and Services: As stated on their home page, Gravity Studios is a home for audio engineers, music producers, musicians and other creatives from the worlds of rock, hip-hop, alt country, gospel, neo-soul, punk, jazz, and other genres. The team believes that every project is a story that deserves respect and should reach its highest potential. Services include: audio recording, mixing, mastering, music production, hiring out session musicians, editing, mix consultation, songwriting development, music chart writing and arranging.  The sonic magic starts in Studio A—aka “The Bat Cave”—which has been called “the best sounding drum room in Chicago.” It’s equipped with two adjacent iso booths, allowing bands to feel at home playing together while capturing clean, isolated audio from each source. 

Contact Gravity Studios, 773-862-1880