Sony Conducts Advanced Audio Event for CRAS Students

Sony is not only one of the biggest names in music, but a global leader in multimedia technology and development. In the world of professional audio, Sony plays an important role as a developmental leader in the industry, as well.

As such, The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS;, the premier institution for audio engineering education, is proud to announce that it recently hosted Sony personnel as they conducted an advanced audio event centered on Audio Futures 360 WalkMix Creator software for CRAS students in the Studio D control at the school’s Gilbert, Ariz. campus.

“Sony 360 Reality Audio is a new immersive audio format for music, motion picture, video games, and any other immersive media,” said Kirt Hamm, CRAS administrator. “The 360 WalkMix Creator is the mixing and rendering system to create 360 Reality Audio content and deliverables, which is ideal for our students to learn as they prepare to enter the pro audio workforce.”

Three Members of the Sony Team Educated CRAS Students on its 360 WalkMix Creator Software

The visiting Sony Corporation of America team included Hiroyuki Komuro, a 30-year Sony engineer, Gus Skinas, president of Sony Super Audio Center & Sonoma Systems, and Minoru Tsuji, also a 30-year veteran in technology development.

For more information on the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, visit, contact Kirt Hamm, administrator, at 1-800-562-6383, or email to [email protected].