Unveiling the Newest Members of the SLX-D Family: Portable Edition

SLX-D is thrilled to introduce their newest addition, the SLX-D Portable Digital Wireless Systems! Designed specifically for videographers and location sound mixers, the SLXD5 Single-Channel Receiver and SLXD3 Plug-On Transmitter deliver amazing audio quality, rock-solid RF, and workflow efficiency. Whether you're in Film, Videography, Location Sound, or ENG markets, you can adapt SLX-D to your unique needs.

Product Overview

  • SLXD5 Single-Channel Portable Receiver for Camera-Mounted and Audio Bag Applications
  • SLXD3 Plug-On Transmitter converts any XLR source for wireless use
  • High quality sound. 24-bit digital audio with >118 dB dynamic range
  • Fast set up. Sync your receiver and transmitter with one push of a button
  • Power options. Use AA batteries or the rechargeable Shure SB903
  • Adaptability. SLX-D handheld and bodypack transmitters also compatible with SLXD5
  • Scalable. Multi-Mic Mode enables you to monitor and manage complex multi-channel configurations
  • Wireless Workbench 7 compatible