Unsigned Artist: Leo Wilde


Whoa now—is that a big-ass pipe organ blazing away in Wilde’s dance-friendly “The Opposite”? Those bold, bellowing chords sure do lay a heavy foundation for this clever put-down song whose multi-faceted flow and catchy hook keep you bumpin’ all the way. The mournful, descending synth tones of “Lost” (together with Wilde’s sepulchural vocal fx) convey the singer’s gloomy state of mind, though the song goes on perhaps too long. “Paradise” puts forth a dark, apocalyptic, thug-lyfe threat and allows the artist to deliver the obligatory boast amid an aura of menace. On all of his songs, Wilde’s consistently deft touch as a producer injects timely accents that make these tunes some of the best unsigned hip-hop we’ve heard.

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Style: Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, Dance