Unsigned Artist: Huck Flyn

Production 5
Lyrics 7
Musicianship 7

It’s cool to hear a white-boy blues-rocker who not only plays a credible lick or three, but whose soulful, kerosene-seared singing voice ignites the whole package. Cool, too,
to hear Flyn gel with his seasoned backup players who clearly know their way around a blue note. All of which makes us wonder why these songs (including “Didn’t Pick A Bad Day,” “Chinatown”) are so poorly recorded. Considering Flyn’s experience (his resume includes working with Albert Collins, Joe Walsh, Elvin Bishop and others) these tunes should sound so much better. The band’s apparent intention of capturing a live vibe comes off instead as tinny and under-miked, failing to do justice to the skill and conviction that these guys are putting out.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: huckflyn.com
Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Blues