Virtually Tour World Famous Recording Studios with AES Show 2020's TechTours

The AES Show Fall 2020 Convention is set to take attendees beyond the normal boundaries and limits of the usual local onsite events with the latest series of AES Convention TechTours, dubbed “7 Audio Wonders of the World,” sponsored by AES Show Partner Amazon Devices. Curated by AES Show Fall 2020 TechTours Chair John Krivit, this year’s TechTours will offer a series of exclusive virtual walking tours of top facilities across the globe, including the inaugural tour of Skywalker Sound with GRAMMY®-winning producer/engineer Leslie Ann Jones, Director of Music Recording and Scoring, Skywalker Sound. This first edition of “7 Audio Wonders of the World,” to debut Thursday, October 8 at 12:00pm EDT, and the two subsequent tours, are free to all AES Show attendees, with premium All Access registration required for the final four tours.

Traditionally, AES Show TechTours have offered a behind-the-scenes look at top recording studios and production facilities within the show’s local reach, with a limited number of spots available for attendee participation. This year’s new online-only format allows for maximum opportunity to see facilities beyond the normal logistical scope with these seven tours spread across the four weeks of Audio Engineering Month and available On-Demand after initial airing. Scheduled “7 Audio Wonders of the World” TechTours include:

Skywalker Sound, Nicasio, CA (October 8)
With origins based in Ben Burtt’s landmark work on 1977’s Star Wars, Skywalker Sound specializes in sound design, mixing, and audio post-production across multiple mediums. From the gathering of real-life, organic sounds to developing new techniques in sound presentation, Skywalker Sound remains one of the world’s most innovative facilities – eager to explore, create, and venture into the unknown.

Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium (October 15)
The Galaxy Studios Group is a cluster of companies dedicated to the fine arts of film, music and sound technology. Galaxy Studios is situated in Belgium and for more than 35 years the no-compromise studio complex has been a world-class beacon of advanced technology for sound recording and film post-production.

The Village Studios, Los Angeles, CA (October 22)
A full-service recording, mixing and live performance complex housed in a vintage 1920’s Masonic Temple in West L.A., the Village Studios is famous for landmark sessions by music’s legends across six decades. The Village is where “vintage gear heaven” meets state-of-the-art technology, accommodating orchestras, film scores, rock bands, hip-hop & pop artists – all the way down to single-mic recordings such as voiceovers, audio books and podcasts.

Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN (October 27)
Founded in 2002 by sound engineer John McBride and his wife, country artist Martina McBride, Blackbird has become one of Nashville's preeminent sound studios. The Blackbird complex now includes nine studios and houses The Blackbird Academy, a post-secondary audio engineering school. Driven by a passion for great audio, Blackbird boasts an attentive, professional staff and a gear inventory second to none.

Abbey Road Studios, London, UK (October 29)
Abbey Road Studios is one of the most famous recording studios in the world and a global music icon (a band named the Beatles had something to do with building that reputation). Originally a nine-bedroom house built in 1829, it was purchased in 1928 by the Gramophone Company, who went on to build the world’s first purpose-built recording studio. The St John’s Wood address was chosen for its large garden and ideal location – close enough to the performance spaces of the time, but away from the noise and vibrations of the traffic and trains.

United Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA (October 29)
Bill Putnam opened United Recording Studios in 1957, and it quickly became one of the most legendary recording facilities in the world. With his uncompromising standards, technical brilliance and unparalleled knowledge of acoustics, Putnam built studios that sound like no other. Located on Sunset Boulevard, these magnificent studios have attracted the biggest names in recording history.

Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, CA (October 30)
Since its completion in 1956, Capitol Studios has been a staple of the recording industry. Iconic artists like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and The Beach Boys first made musical history in its rooms, and to this day, major icons of popular music continue in their wake. Capitol Studios was recently fully refurbished to ensure that it remained a cutting edge, state-of-the-art facility where artisan craft can continue to thrive as it has for the past 60 years.

Further information and complete schedule available at aesshow.com/aes-show-techtours.