Unsigned Artist: Valley Shine


Keyboard-centric duo Sam Sobelman & Jenna Blake have a commercial sound that is nothing if not sunny, scintillating and youthful (check out the boat-loads of “bah-dah-dahs” in “Sugar Dream”). While Sobelman’s voice is a fitting front for the act’s material, the pair really soars when blending for bubblegum harmonies, as on “See You Soon,” a lemony-lite parfait that is welcoming and inviting. Our favorite is “To The Sea,” where they shift gears to a heroic, rustic vibe complete with pastoral banjo, deeply resonant kettle drums and handclaps that combine for a gust of “Lion King”-like inspiration. Uber-cinematic, the song causes the listener to conjure visions that are suit- able for an animated fantasy film.

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Contact: [email protected]
Web: ValleyShineBand.com
Seeking: Film/TV, Mgmt, Radio
Style: Folk-Pop