Unsigned Artist: Channel Dark


There’s a dynamic, cinematic dimension to this artist’s work that suggests he could make a go of composing themes for film and TV. Musically, the tracks have plenty of intriguing elements (perhaps too many) and are mindful of dramatic tension and sudden impact. If
 only he could jettison his lead vocals, which tend to drag things down a notch. For despite the galloping edginess of “Anoesis,” the bold, vintage-synth sounds of “Side” and pounding electro-explosiveness of “Run” (whose lyrics and amped-up chase pace are ideal for a film sequence), the artist’s eccentric vocals become a distraction. We suggest he enlist guest singers to carry out any vocal necessities. Otherwise, take a simpler approach and let your music do the talking.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/channeldark
Seeking: Publicity
Style: Electronica, Electronic Rock

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