Unsigned Artist: Cash Out Keyz (C.O.K)


Seattle artist Marquis Wright brings a natural touch to his tracks, which never whack you upside the head in an attempt to dazzle—they just sound casually fuckin’ cool. Combining simple elements in interesting ways (and always keeping his flows upfront and audible), C.O.K’s “You Don’t Have To” generates great atmosphere and is an effective weaving of rap and R&B that delivers its chorus with impact. He addresses the haters and backbiters on our favorite, “See Me Make It,” bolstered by skittering fx and layers of shouts, grunts and flows. He pokes fun at materialism and star-trip indulgence in “Make It Work” whose melody is stick-in-your-skull catchy. No reason why Cash Out Keyz shouldn’t cash in on his talent.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: CashOutKeyz1.wix.com/IAmCashOutKeyz
Seeking: Booking, Distr., Mgmt
Style: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B